Magical Mayflower Wedding

Read all about how they met, how they fell in love and how Heather planned this gorgeous wedding!
Images by Jayrol

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From Heather, the beautiful Bride:

My husband Matthew and I were just married this past November 23, 2013 at the glorious Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. The Mayflower Hotel was the perfect venue for our late-fall nuptials. The color decor of the hotel with their already rich gold columns, & deep maroon tapestries, matched perfectly to our gold-black-red color scheme for our Vintage Glam wedding. I myself am a wedding planner, and also own a small wedding stationary business so I already had my wedding planned down to every last rose petal and dot of the ‘i’ with my calligraphy pen. All I had to find was the perfect man…which occurred 3 years ago. 
It was September of 2010, and I was a 4th grade teacher preparing for my students to enter into the room for the first day of school. It was Back-to-School Day where parents bring in the students to meet their teacher and unpack their supplies in their desk…that is where I saw a visibly stressed father with two girls trying to bounce between my room and the one down the hall with the younger daughter. Instantaneously I developed a bond with the one in my class, Lianna. As school started that year, I noticed what a kind-hearted young girl she really was. At that time I was also  busy trying to juggle completing my master’s degree and fulfilling the requirements of my full-time teaching job. To not waste time in traffic on my commute home, I would stay at school late to work on grad assignments, papers, and so on. It was around that time when Lianna became a bit absent-minded and started to forget her homework assignments. She convinced her dad to drive her to the school in the early evening so she could retrieve her homework from her desk. And be it that I was staying late, I was still in the classroom when Lianna, her little sister Alexis, and her dad (Matthew) came in. Lianna provoked conversation between Matthew and I, which to be honest I was quite excited and invigorated. Matt and I talked for hours about random things; the two of us being from NY, families, careers, etc., beginning to forget we had 2 little ones listening to our every word. After that conversation that evening in the school I started to look at Matt differently but not really knowing how or why. I recall calling my very good friend Susan (my MOH in the wedding) after that telling her about that evening and how I wasn’t sure if this attractive dad in my class was “hitting on me”. Later on in the month of November 2010, I was under pressure trying to complete an extremely difficult assignment in my graduate statistics course, and I was banging my head against the wall. I vaguely remembered Matt mentioning in our conversation that he worked with data and numbers for his job. I had to email him that day anyways due to Lianna not having the correct supply for something we were doing in class, and in the email I proceeded to ask him if he had ever used SPSS before (which is the software program I had to use for the project). Minutes later I received a response in my inbox where he told me he was very familiar with it and would help if I needed it. After several email exchanges later, we had determined we would meet for coffee at Starbucks so he could assist me with the project. The ‘Starbucks’ evening came and I had never been so flustered and confused about what to wear…because was this a “date”, a chat, a tutoring session??….Nevertheless, Matt volunteered to drive to the Starbucks near me. I arrived first and found a table, and about 5 minutes later, a nervous Matt rounded the corner and at that instant I no longer saw him as a parent of a student in my class. We got started on my SPSS project and finished it quickly (I also found out months later that he did NOT have experience with SPSS, and that he went crazy teaching himself about it and how to use it in order to help me that evening). We then spent hours after that talking more personally about ourselves. Neither of us wanted the evening to end….I had endless butterflies not knowing what was happening but I found solace in knowing that it was happiness that I felt. I invited him to my house for some wine, where we then spent 4 more hours just talking about everything under the sun. When he left, I had known that whatever that was that I had just experienced I did not want to end. We were engaged in June 2012 and had the most glorious wedding in November 2013 in DC since that is where all of our first dates were where we fell in love.
Our Vintage-Glam wedding also took on another theme, which was ‘Friends and Family’. Special touches created by loved ones adorned our wedding; a dessert table where both of our mothers made our favorite sweet treats, an antique family photo table of gorgeous vintage prints sat in the reception ballroom, two of my very dear friends performed our first dance song, “A Thousand Years”, my cathedral length mantilla veil was made by a close friend from delicate lace and fabrics off of my mother’s wedding gown, my father constructed the table numbers, each bridesmaid bouquet had a gold monogram pin attached to the wrapped stems to make it personalized….and so many more intimate details that made our day simply perfect.

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