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COVID-Friendly School Photography

Friendly School Photography

During these COVID-19 times, being outdoors, wearing a mask, and practicing social distancing is the safe approach to take.

The good news is, here at Freed, we’ve been COVID compliant for more than 12 years! We photograph outdoor and use long lenses that focus from a distance, so most of these practices are naturally built into our school photography sessions. We have also added additional safety measures such as mask-wearing, sanitizing stations, and social distancing.

Let’s take a look at what a COVID-friendly school portrait session with Freed looks like – and how we strive to keep staff and students safe.


Mask Wearing and Sanitization

We require all team members to put on a mask or face covering that they will wear throughout the shoot. In addition to wearing a mask, each team member must go through standard safety procedures. These include having their temperature taken before arrival, frequently sanitizing their hands, and regularly wiping down their equipment. We also have strict reporting protocols so that staff who may have been exposed to COVID-19 can immediately self-quarantine.

Social Distancing Protocols

Maintaining appropriate social distancing is something we’re extremely mindful of during our shoots. Not only do our portrait style shoots easily lend themselves to social distancing, but they’re also taken outside. This helps protect staff and students from exposure to the virus and offers all the benefits of natural lighting. Both our photographers and assistants help maintain proper social distancing between themselves and students on the day of your shoot. Students only remove their masks for the duration of their shoot.

Contactless Ordering

Freed has created and implemented a sophisticated online ordering system. This system eliminates paper forms and offers the convenience of online ordering and payments. There are no order forms transferred between students and photographers: we use our own tablets and QR codes to identify students and their photographs. Additionally, delivery is contactless as all orders are mailed directly to the student’s home, ensuring the entire process is contactless. Thanks to this system, ordering, payment, and photo delivery are all risk-free.

COVID-Safe School Photography

We understand that schools, parents, and students alike all have high expectations of us from both an artistic and safety perspective. Adapting our existing practices to meet current safety recommendations means that even with our current circumstances, we can continue to take the fun and relaxed photographs we’re known for.

To arrange a school photo session with us or to learn more about Freed’s safety measures, please get in touch.