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How to Use School Pictures for Branding Your School

School Branding

Your brand is your story. How your school presents itself to the world is critical to the perceptions of students, parents, educators, the local community, and more. In a world where everyone is increasingly savvy about visual branding and where websites, social media, and other image-heavy media are the face of your organization, quality visuals such as photography are vital. Photos tell the story of your school – so make sure they’re telling the right story!

Why Quality Photography Matters to Your Brand

The quality of your visual assets is a reflection of your school’s values, priorities, and standing. Professional-quality photos of students, educators, and staff make an exceptional first impression and position your school as high-performing, detail-focused, nurturing, and relatable. This is especially the case when the photos are carefully selected to showcase your school’s unique aspects and elements. The right choice and combination of photos help build awareness, positive opinions, and knowledge about what you do.

In contrast, poor quality or generic photos can do your school’s brand and reputation a disservice. They can lower expectations, fail to highlight your best qualities, or even turn prospective educators and students away. Remember, many prospective families will first visit your website or social media when making decisions about where to send their child, so it’s essential to make sure their experience is a positive one.

Ways to Use Quality Pictures in Your School Marketing

Professional-quality photos are a great way to further your brand and promote your school. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate professional school photography into your branding.

  • Social media. Shots of individual students, teams, clubs, and your school grounds can help provide a window into daily life at your school. Incorporate professional school photos into your social media presence to celebrate your existing student body and build rapport with the broader community.
  • Website. Your school website is your digital business card. It’s one of the first places prospective students and parents will visit when learning about your school and is regularly visited by current school community members as well. Professional-quality photo galleries and digital assets provide a virtual tour of your school – and help people get to know students, educators, and other key personnel.
  • Video. Whether you incorporate a series of stills into a marketing video or arrange for a professional video shoot, video is a great tool for showcasing your brand. Combine longer features with short clips for shareable content that will instill pride and inspire a second look.
  • Email newsletters. Elevate your newsletter offer with digital photo assets that inspire school pride and belonging. Pick and choose photos aligned with your newsletter theme or upcoming events. You can even highlight individuals or groups for mini profiles.
  • Photo walls. Large-scale mural-style photo walls in strategic locations provide an eye-catching branding moment that reinforces the best aspects of your school to both existing and prospective community members—incorporate photos alongside your school history, motto, and notable moments for a vibrant branding experience.
  • Prospectus. Arguably your most important piece of marketing collateral, your prospectus gives potential students and parents insight into your school’s story, community, and offerings. Quality photography will help present your school in its best light – and help people make the right decision for them.
  • Lessons. Create a centralized folder of digital assets and photos that teachers can use in their lessons or professional development activities. These can help engage students in their work and create a sense of belonging. This folder can also be used by your school newspaper or yearbook teams.
  • Posters. Create branded posters to pin up around the school or in classrooms to promote an initiative or new development and to help foster school pride and belonging. These can help draw attention to new or lesser-known activities or plans.
  • Presentations and slideshows. Incorporate quality photos into your school, community, fundraiser, or stakeholder presentations, and know that you’re putting your best foot forward.
  • Outreach opportunities. Pictures tell a thousand words, especially in school communities with many language learners or parents that speak languages other than English. Using photos in your outreach helps create connections even where language barriers exist.

Professional school pictures can make an enormous difference in your school’s branding quality and your marketing and PR efforts. To arrange a photoshoot that will capture your school in its best light, talk to the professionals at Freed.