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A: Our work speaks for itself. Voted Best in Washington by Washingtonian Magazine the past 8 years running. Winner of the Best Photography Award by the International Special Events Society for the past 6 years.

Recommended by more venues and industry professionals than anyone else in the area.

Our Team. Our people are the difference. We start with world class photography but we don’t stop there. Designing a beautiful album is not as easy as some people would have you believe. Nor does a cookie cutter, template approach to design get you the album of your dreams. Our designers work with you every step of the way. If there is anything as good as our photography, it’s our service.

Meet Our Artists

A: There are two basic approaches. Some people want to pick their specific photographer in advance and some people just want to know they have a “Freed” photographer.

If you want to select your photographer, you can call us at 301-652-5452 for an appointment to come in to our studio and meet with us in person, or we can email you slide shows of our photographers who are available on your date.

If you don’t have a specific preference, and you like the work of all of our photographers, we can give you a better price by giving us flexibility in who your photographer would be. 

A: Of course, we understand how important the personal relationship between the bride and photographer is and we want you to be as comfortable with your photographer as you are with their photography. Four to six weeks before your event, your photographer will contact you to schedule a planning meeting. 

A: We work in an extremely unobtrusive manner. Besides a few traditional portraits taken early on, everything is photographed in a very photojournalistic style. Most of the time you have no idea of the photographs we have taken until you see them after the wedding. Some of the most common comments we hear afterwards are; “I had no idea that happened at my event”, or “I didn’t know you photographed that, I never even saw you”.

A: Every album design starts as a blank canvas and is a collaborative effort between you and our designers. Unlike many photographers that give you one design and charge for revisions (feel free to ask us why), we have our own designers and we work with you until you are happy. 

A: We have the fastest turn around times in the industry. Everyone knows someone who took months to receive their pictures. Not at Freed. The first step is to get you the “proofs” of the event. This takes 3-4 weeks. Once you have the proofs we find the longest delay is typically how long it takes you to come back in to start working on your album. Once your album design is complete and approved, it takes 8 – 12 weeks for us to create your finished album.

A: We bring back up equipment to our backup equipment. We have a full time archivist who makes sure that not only are your images backed up in our studio, but we have a set stored off site in case of a catastrophe. 

A: We shoot digitally for one very simple reason. Our ability to make you look your best is much greater digitally than with film. 

A: Yes, our packages include the negatives. 

A: When we look at what other photographers charge, we are always amazed at how they price their packages to give the illusion of being less than they actually are. Too few hours, set up fees, break-down fees, location fees, travel fees, retouching fees, design revision fees, etc. We don’t play those games. We price our services based on what we know it will take for us to do the job right. If on your wedding day you want to go from your house, to the ceremony, to a park, to a monument, to the reception, we think that’s great, we’ll get amazing photographs. We don’t charge extra. If you’re nervous and you wake up with a blemish on your big day, you’ll never see it in a finished print you order from us and there won’t be an extra charge.

While everyone has a budget for their event, when it comes to the only tangible heirloom left from the day, we like to remember the words of John Ruskin:

“There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.” 

 A: Call or email us as soon as you decide. We’ll put you on our calendar.