Our award winning photographers are supported by a skilled staff who can assist you with portfolio review, photographer selection, scheduling, album selection, and the myriad other details that accompany special events.

kristin, production manager

Kristin runs the production here at Freed, but her biggest contribution has been Graeter’s Ice Cream from Cincinnati – it’s fantastic. Kristen is from Dayton, OH and now a few times a year Neal has the ice cream shipped in.
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She is unbelievably organized and always gets things done. She can be heard often saying “No work order, no work” to Neal – who affectionately refers to her as K-Dog. Kristen and her husband Matt live in Germantown.

jenny, graphic artist

Jenny, our early riser, is always the first one in the office, probably because she is not sleeping – she has a new beautiful baby girl, Amy. Jenny has a great artist eye and keen sense of detail, putting the images into a beautiful story.
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Jenny and her husband Chris love the outdoors and riding bikes.

Dean, photographer

Our Dean of schools.  Dean, who came to us from a different studio in the area, brings his positive attitude and easygoing demeanor to work each day.  He has been in the school photography business for over 13 years.  Everybody who gets the chance to work with Dean loves his personality and work ethic.

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When Dean is not photographing, he plays bass in a Beatles Tribute band, gardens, and builds things. Dean is truly a renaissance man.


rachel, creative director

Image is everything, and with Rachel, we’re covered. Coming from a design and photo stylist background, Rachel brings a fresh perspective to our imagery.  She is our website and social media guru and also meets with brides to help them select their perfect wedding photographer.
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We love her vision, whether she is editing images for advertising, marketing, or photographer portfolios. She is always fun and loves winning – which is proven when an office bet arises and in her touch football games on the weekends – Go Squirrels!  Rachel is married to her high school crush, Brian – The Frame Mender, and they have two adorable sons, Max & Leo.

camie, portrait & bridal consultant

Camie, our resident fashionista, always comes to work with a smile of her face and style on her body. She helps brides and grooms select their photographer and works with our families to make beautiful portraits for them.
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Camie attended Clemson University and is from Greenwood, DE, home of Tamburelli’s. Camie was on the other side of the camera last October when she married the love of her life and most handsome Brett. Camie loves traveling, eating, the Bachelorette and, of course, shopping!

Shelley, Designer

Shelley, our Jack of all trades.  Shelley takes on a large range of responsibilities at Freed and has many different talents. She works closely with customers, assisting clients with album design, retouching images, and taking care of school orders.

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Shelley loves to learn new skills and challenge herself. She is always happy to help in any way, whether with a client or around the office. Shelley and her husband Michael have four children, and with their youngest two heading off to college, they will be empty-nesters this year. Shelley loves photographing her kids’ sports games, playing tennis, and a good Scotch.


Sipora, Scheduling Manager

Sipora organizes shoots and makes sure that the right people show up at the right place, at the right time, for the right reason. Without her, we would be lost. She works behind the scenes and is an absolutely essential part of our team.
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Sipora is our moral compass and provides a sense of fairness, integrity and always knows the right thing to do. Sipora has worked with us for almost 10 years. She lives with her husband Chanoch, along with their three beautiful daughters Chana, Rivka, and Malka.

Lindsey, photographer

Lindsey found us on Craiglist and we are so lucky she did. From the very moment she joined our team, we knew she was incredibly special and talented. A diamond in the rough, Lindsey has really come into her own.
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Breaking out of her self-proclaimed shyness, Lindsey loves photographing children, helping them come out of their shells and enjoy themselves. Lindsey’s can-do attitude and fantastic work ethic make her a great asset to Freed. Lindsey is very passionate about her work and always has a smile on her face.

victoria, director of finance

Victoria is money! With her fantastic attitude, warm personality, and Italian background she collects. Once, a client asked her for a break and she said “ok, arm or leg?” Victoria keeps our finances in line and makes sure we pay and get paid. Victoria and her husband Ryan have a new baby boy Dominic aka “The Dominator.”
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Working at a photography studio has definitely rubbed off on Victoria; she takes great photos of Dominic and her boxer Roscoe.