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Picture This: 8 Creative Ways to Display Photos

Display Photos

When was the last time you printed a photo? Like many of us these days, you’re probably taking pictures on your phone and viewing them the same way. But just because your method of taking pictures has evolved, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to enjoying photographs displayed in your home.

Whether you have school portraits or family photos you want to see more often, below are some creative ideas to display your prized pictures.

1. Create a Gallery Wall

Hanging multiple pictures together on a wall is a classic way to create a beautiful display. You can mix and match frame styles, colors, frames, sizes, and mats or make everything uniform for a more streamlined look. It’s the perfect way to express your style and match the aesthetic of the room. You could choose to group photos by type, such as your child throughout the years, or use an eclectic assortment.

2. Get Artsy

If you want to kick your photo displays up a notch, you could print your photos on canvas and even mix in some artwork to create your own mini-art gallery effect. This allows you to get creative and help your picture wall really come to life.

3. Pack ‘Em In

If you want to display a larger number of pictures, from a vacation or family reunion, for example, you could buy an extra-large frame and create your own collage. You could use mats, have all uniform photos, or mix up the sizes — the choice is yours! Having the larger space of the frame gives you the room to be as original as you want.

4. Design a DIY Display

No matter what size area you’re working with, it can be fun to use other decorative objects in your picture display. You could try hanging your photos from smaller string lights, attaching them to a string with mini clothespins, creating a mobile with metal, or really anything you can think up (or that Pinterest can suggest).

5. Make a Photo Ledge

Hanging shelves on which to display your photos can be a nice way to help your pictures really stand out. You could create a whole gallery wall with a variety of shelf sizes or create more compact collections with smaller shelves. You can also mix in some decorations or use unique-looking shelves with colors that match the rest of your decor (or not!).

6. Get Some Swag

Who says your photos have to be relegated to the wall? Show off your pictures in style by putting them on everyday objects, such as coasters, magnets, ornaments, calendars, keychains, pillows, or blankets.

7. Upgrade Your Picture Frames

A great way to see a large variety of photos is to load them into a digital picture frame. This is an easy, eco-friendly option, especially if you just can’t fit all your favorite pictures onto your walls. Some smart TVs let you create a slideshow screensaver — giving you yet another place to enjoy your photos.

8. Go Old School

There’s nothing wrong with going back to a good ol’ photo album. And if you have the time, drive, and desire, you could always add some flair and create a scrapbook. If you simply have too many photos to choose from (which lord knows we all do these days), you could try creating just an annual album, scrapbook, or even digitally created book to help you easily look back on each year. And make sure to leave them where you’ll actually look at them, like on the coffee table or easily accessible shelf.

As the years pass, you might find yourself wanting to add new pictures to your displays. If you’re using frames or shelves, think about purchasing a few extra in the beginning to have them on hand down the road so that your display can grow but seamlessly keep its design.

Most importantly, have fun with it! Pictures are an easy way to brighten up a room and reflect your personal style, so don’t be afraid to try things that are as unique as you (and your photos!).