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5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots

Professional corporate headshots are often downplayed in importance, but we believe that high-quality headshots showcasing personality are the first impression every executive needs. With the existence of social media, images are everywhere – it’s no different in a professional setting.

Still, first impressions are not everything – nor the only reason we suggest getting a professional headshot – there is much more behind this photography session. Here are five reasons why you should invest in Professional corporate headshots today:

#1: You’re Putting In (and Showing) Effort

Potential connections, employees, and employers often look for a particular quality: effort. Effort can be showcased in many ways, and one way is by investing in professional headshots.

Professional headshots prove that you took the time, effort, and money to present the best version of yourself to them. Along with effort, it also shows commitment to the field and what you do. Unprofessional headshots or “selfies” can present as sloppy or half-done, leaving employers envisioning the same for your work ethic – what’s even worse is when your headshot doesn’t even look like YOU anymore, it’s a big sign it’s time for an update.

#2: You Can Use Them Everywhere

Employers and connections are likely going to search (and find) you on social media. Headshots are ideal for any social media accounts, website biographies, online features, and more. Professional headshots may also be used across printed media, such as company newsletters, newspaper features, personal interviews, and even brochures.

Plus, although it might not be your go-to for your personal Instagram account, a headshot with a bit of personality is the perfect option for your professional socials – and, let’s face it, social media isn’t going anywhere soon!

#3: Boost Confidence

After taking professional headshots, executives, business owners, and employees all experience a confidence boost. Headshots that are high-quality and often feature an aspect of personality boost confidence in the subject.

Professional photos bring out the best in people, giving themselves a different perspective and impression of them. When you look at the part, you often feel more comfortable – and therefore more confident – in playing the part.

#4: Show That You’re a Real Person

People want to work with people, and when you have a photo showcasing yourself as a professional, you not only gain trust, but you’re putting a face to the name. Seeing an image of a person builds a connection deeper than just “hearing” about a person.

With your professional headshots, you will have effectively created a visual to associate with your brand and business. You become a real, relatable person versus a foreign entity. Essentially you become more human!

#5: Give a Little

You don’t have to be the only one updating your portfolio with a new headshot – spread the love! If you’re a department head or owner, take this opportunity to invest in new headshots for all your team members! Show them they’re important to you and the business (and reap the benefits).

Show your employees that they are important to you and your business by providing them with a professional headshot. Investing in your employees is always money well spent. Offering professional headshots lets your team know that they are important to you and your company. That they are an integral part of the business, whether they are an executive vice president or support staff. The appreciation and moral that you will create will be multi-fold.

What to Consider When Getting a Set of Professional Headshots

Beyond the professional reasons behind investing in professional headshots, you should also consider the logistics of the headshots themselves. Professional corporate headshots should be high-quality and, while clean and professional, also showcase some of your personality.

PRO TIP: Choose a headshot style that represents you, your personality, and your company over a traditional headshot. Consider a comedic vs. commercial-style headshot.

It’s important to work with an experienced studio or photography professional when getting your first set of headshots to ensure proper direction and reception of your wants while covering what you need. You will also need to consider the location – does the photographer have their own in-house studio for executive headshots, or do they expect to do them on-location?

Freed Photography works with your needs for the best outcome by offering on-location, in-studio, and even outdoor professional headshots. Contact us today to book your first session.