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7 Fun & Meaningful High School Graduation Gifts

Graduation Gifts

The time has come: Your high school senior is about to graduate. Aside from asking yourself how they grew up so fast, you might also be wondering what you should give them for a graduation gift.

While there are plenty of high-tech and more pricey options, sometimes the best gifts are the ones that have meaning and will make someone smile for years to come. Read on for some personalized graduation gift ideas.

1. Framed Pictures

Surely your graduate will want to display photos in their dorm or new place. Instead of buying a generic frame, you could customize a frame to fit with the picture you put inside. You could do a family photo, a picture of their closest friends, or a poignant moment from their high school experience (perhaps their big performance, a fun trip, or a victorious game) and decorate the frame accordingly.

2. Home décor

The sky’s the limit on this one. Think pillows, blankets, coasters, carved glass blocks, ornaments, candles, and really anything you could put a monogram, name, message, or photo on. Make sure to match it with their personal style, and they’ll have something they want to display proudly.

3. Picture Collage

If you want to go bigger than a framed picture, you could create a larger photo collage that they can hang on the wall. This way, you get to include a larger variety of memories—either from their whole life or just their time in high school.

4. Scrapbook

Scrapbooking can be time-consuming—especially if you really want to put a personal flair on it—so it can be tough for busy high school seniors to sit down and make one for themselves. But having such a thoughtful, tangible way to look back on memories would be quite meaningful considering how infrequently people are printing pictures these days. Don’t have the time to glue and decorate a scrapbook? Go digital and order a photo book easily from online sites.

5. Jewelry

Jewelry is something that can be cherished for a lifetime. And when it comes to graduation gifts, it doesn’t have to be a diamond to make an impression. In fact, the more unique, the better. Just do a quick search on a site like Etsy to find thousands of options for high school grads that you can personalize with names, messages, gems, and engraving. For example, you could put together a necklace with your grad’s name with their birthstone and 2021 hanging on it with a special message engraved on the back. And, of course, a locket with a special picture inside never goes out of style.

6. Accessories

Another great option is to combine something practical with something sentimental. Things like backpacks, luggage, tote bags, and coffee tumblers are the perfect gift for a recent grad on the go. You could go simple with their initials monogrammed, or use their favorite quote, school colors, or simply “Class of 2021” to personalize it.

7. Clothing

There are so many ways to personalize clothing that you’re sure to find the perfect gift. You could go traditional with a graduation-themed shirt saying “Class of 2021” or “2021 Grad,” or you could get creative and add a fun element from their favorite movie, TV show, or band. Another option is to go with apparel from the college they’ll be attending or the career they’re planning to have (something like “Future Nurse”).

Looking for photos to use? If your child has had photos taken with Freed, you can order prints or gifts directly from the portal. Additionally, you can contact us to set up a senior shoot.

No matter what you choose, something from the heart will always be appreciated. Happy shopping and congrats to your 2021 grad!