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Picture (Day) Perfect: Tips for Planning a Smooth School Picture Day

Picture Day

Every school administrator knows that school picture day involves plenty of moving parts – and coordination. But it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Here are some rules of the road to make sure that your school picture day runs smoothly for everyone involved. Or you can just call Freed and we will do it all for you.

1. Allow Plenty of Lead Time

Get started early to avoid last-minute scrambling or undesirable compromises. Approach your preferred photographer well in advance so that you can block out your ideal day for your photos – one that works for you, your photographer, and your yearbook team.

2. Know Your Photographer’s Turnaround Time

Portraits don’t just go home to parents – they’re a vital part of yearbook content. Avoid yearbook production delays by confirming your photographer’s turnaround time on your photos. Always build in a buffer just in case.

3. Understand Your Photographer’s Payment & Delivery Terms

School photography companies differ in how they prefer to receive orders and payment – and when and how they deliver final photos. At Freed, we use a centralized, cloud-based platform that allows parents to easily order and request photos with the click of a button.

4. Work With Pros

Many school photography companies use the “point, click, next!” approach to school photos. You’ll get the best experience working with a company that uses experienced, professional photographers: the photos themselves will be better, and the overall experience will run more smoothly.

5. State Your Expectations

If there are certain settings, moods, ideas, or group shots you want to capture, let your photographer know. This will reduce the need to squeeze in last-minute pictures or re-shoots at the end of the day – or worse, another day.

6. Don’t Rush the Photoshoot

At Freed, we specialize in “mini photoshoots” that strive to capture the personality and essence of each student. This takes a little longer than more traditional approaches, but the results are worth it. Rather than rushing students back to class, allocate enough time for your photographers to work their magic. Younger kids, in particular, need a little more time to get settled in front of a camera.

7. Bring in Back-Up

Depending on the size of your cohort, you’ll want to have a few extra pairs of hands available to help alert, direct, and prepare kids for their photos. This can reduce delays and confusion on the day.

8. Communication is Key

Typically, the school acts as the liaison between the photographer, parents, and students, so staying on top of communication matters. At Freed, we become that point of contact, walking your staff through everything we need and ensuring parents receive critical information for the day – as well as photo ordering, payment, and processing – well ahead of time.

9. Make Sure Students Know What to Expect

We share tips and recommendations with parents, but it never hurts to reiterate any expectations you have for your students regarding dress code, behavior, or their class schedule.

10. Ask Questions! 

If you’re uncertain about any aspect of school picture day, from fees to ordering logistics, speak to your photographer. Your school photographers are here to serve your school and students and will happily answer any questions you might have.

Or Leave it to Freed

At Freed, we believe that school picture day should be fun and community-oriented. We work closely with school administrators to communicate expectations, clarify any questions, and even offer an easy-to-use centralized ordering platform that takes the administrative burden off schools entirely. The end result is an enjoyable, streamlined experience with exceptional photos that your students and parents will treasure.

For more information about the Freed difference or to book us for your school photo day, get in touch!

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