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Getting Ready for Picture Day: A Guide for Parents

Picture Day

September 9 is National School Picture Day, which means your kids are about to say “cheese!” While school pictures are wonderful mementos, picture day can sometimes be hectic for both parents and children.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! We have some tips on how to make your kid’s picture day the very best it can be.

Choose a Flattering Outfit

When it comes to picture day, it’s all about dressing for success. Your first step is choosing an ensemble a few days ahead of time. This way, you won’t be rushing around (or arguing) at the last minute. When making your selection, avoid graphic tees, large logos, and busy patterns. You don’t want the outfit to take focus away from your child’s beautiful smile. You’ll want to choose flattering colors and make sure the clothes are comfortable. Also, consider their footwear in case it’s a full body shot. Above all, make it a collaborative effort, so your child is excited about what they’re wearing, which will help them remain happy and at ease.

Style Their Hair Naturally

We all know that hairstyles may not age well over the years (we all remember mullets, teased hair, and perms). You can try to avoid this same fate for your kids by opting for a casual, subdued hairstyle. After all, you want them to look like themselves in the picture. If a haircut is in order, it’s a good idea to schedule it at least a week before picture day to give it time to settle (and allow time to learn how to style it well). You’ll also want to make sure their hair is kept out of their face on the big day.

Be Strategic with Accessories

While some nice earrings or a necklace can nicely complement an outfit, you don’t want jewelry to steal focus from the picture. The same goes for hats and heavy makeup—you want your kid’s face to show and reflect what they really look like.

Help Them Practice

It’s easy for kids to force an exaggerated smile in front of the camera. To avoid an unnatural expression, you can help your child practice their smile ahead of time. Have them look in the mirror as they do it so they can see the difference between a fake smile and a real one.

Emphasize Relaxation

You don’t want your child to feel nervous on picture day or as soon as they step in front of the camera. Help them relax by not hyping up the day too much. Tell them to just be themselves and have fun with it. If your child does feel uncomfortable smiling, maybe due to them having braces or a missing tooth, then it’s ok for them not to smile. At Freed, we want to photograph the best version of your child, so we do not force kids to smile if they do not want to. That being said, if your kid is a smiler, then they should smile.

You and your child should have a much more calm and smooth picture day morning by prepping ahead of time. And if you’re worried about things going wrong after they get to school, you can always pack a brush or extra shirt for them just in case.