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How to Make the Most of Your Senior Portrait Session

Blonde Posing for Senior Portrait

Your senior year of high school is a special time that you’ll always remember. And while your traditional senior picture for the yearbook is a nice memento to have, you can also take it to the next level with a senior portrait session.

What Is a Senior Portrait Session?

As opposed to just going to the school cafeteria and posing for a few moments, a senior portrait is a private photo shoot that’s highly tailored to you. From the location to the outfits to the props, you can drive the decisions behind how the pictures are taken. You’ll walk away with a variety of unique photos that will truly capture who you are.

How Do I Prepare for a Senior Portrait Session?

A lot of planning goes into your senior portraits. Here are the important things to consider to make the most of your session:

  • Choose your locations. Think about which locations would be the most meaningful to you. Perhaps you’d like to go to a favorite outdoor spot, an athletic field, the school theater, or even just in the studio with a specific backdrop. The choice is yours!
  • Consider your ensemble. You can consult with your photography company before the shoot day to get their thoughts on what outfits might work best with the lighting and locations (as well as your personality and hobbies). From there, consider bringing a few more outfits than you think you’ll need, just in case something’s not working. Make sure your clothes are all ironed and ready before the session. Also, consider bringing some props. This isn’t essential, but a few meaningful items can really personalize your portraits.
  • Prep for hair and makeup. Whether you’re doing it yourself or with a professional stylist, it’s worth doing a trial run to make sure your hair and makeup turn out exactly how you want. For the men: Make sure you shave your face at the appropriate time (or make sure your facial hair is well maintained and trimmed).
  • Plan your poses. It may feel weird to practice posting and smiling in front of the mirror but knowing how you might want to position yourself in certain pictures will come in handy during the photo session. You can get creative—if you’re a dancer, you could consider a few different moves and positions. If you’re shooting outside, maybe there’s a particular place you’d like to sit and a way you’d like to be posed. The options are endless!
  • Have a backup plan. If the weather doesn’t cooperate for your outdoor shoot, make sure to have a plan B that would still make you happy.
  • Rest up. You’ll want to get plenty of sleep the night before your shoot. And make sure you’re properly hydrating and eating—you don’t want to get halfway through the shoot and realize you’re hungry. (Pro tip: bring snacks!)

Where Can I Book a Senior Portrait Session?

Our expert photographers here at Freed Photography are ready to be your partner for a senior portrait session. Just get in touch, and we can start a conversation.