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Marketing Your School: The Importance of Quality Photography


When someone visits your school’s website, how do you want them to feel? What do you want them to learn? You’re probably hoping they get a sense of your school’s personality and walk away with a good impression. So how do you accomplish this? While many elements make up a good website, there’s one thing that’s essential: high-quality photography. Without engaging photos of your students and faculty, your school’s website and other marketing materials will fall flat.

Your school’s photography should instantly display why a parent would want their child to attend your school. Let’s explore some of the reasons why photography is so critical when marketing your school.

Makes a Good First Impression

If you’re handed a brochure or look at a website, what’s the first thing you notice? If you’re like most people, it’s the images and design. As a parent, if you’re staring down at blurry phone photos or stock photography, you may not get that warm and fuzzy feeling as you picture your child at that school. On the other hand, if a parent is instantly drawn in by a sharp, candid photo of students laughing with their teacher, they’re more likely to have the motivation to learn more about that school.

Tells Your School’s Story

Every school is unique and has its own story to tell. Whether your school is centered around the arts or focused on kindness and inclusion, the right photos can bring that to life. A professional photographer will know what kind of pictures can illustrate your school’s personality and have the skills to evoke that feeling from each student and faculty member. Real photography is the best way to showcase the unique environment and personalities at your school.

Captures Authenticity

Photographers who often work with kids have the skills and instincts necessary to help them feel at ease and be themselves—and it shows in their pictures. When marketing your school, you want prospective families to see your students and teachers genuinely enjoying their time and interactions with one another. Instead of using overly posed or stiff photos, you want to show off everyone’s natural spirit without forcing it.

Strengthens Your Brand

Whether or not you’ve ever thought of your school as a brand, it is! And having a strong brand identity is essential. In addition to your logo, colors, and mascot, you want your photography style to be consistent everywhere. This means you’ll use your photos for your website, social media, flyers, brochures, ads, and even internal communications to present a cohesive image to all audiences. This way, when someone sees anything about your school, they’ll recognize it is fun, engaging, artsy, sports, spirited, and/or unique essence.

If you’re looking for a photography partner to enhance your school portraits, candid photos, and marketing materials, we encourage you to contact us and see how we can help bring your school’s story to life.

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