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The Value of School Portraits as a Parent

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The school years fly by. Your child transforms from a tiny first grader to a graduating senior within the blink of an eye. Those years might pass quickly, but they encompass enormous amounts of personal change and growth, along with a number of significant milestones. A series of professional school portraits are a great way to capture those special memories and moments – and help tell the story of your kid’s childhood from K through 12.

Keepsakes You’ll Treasure Forever

As a parent, you do your best to document every special moment with your child. But smartphone photographs and videos can only do so much, especially when they end up living only on your digital devices. And even the best amateur photographer doesn’t have access to the tools, knowledge, and equipment needed to create a truly professional result. That’s where Freed’s expert school photography services come in.

Our professional school portraits are a great way to capture your child’s personality and essence across the years and give you a quality, print-worthy keepsake that you and your family can cherish for years to come. The school picture day photos Freed is proud to shoot are ideal for framing, adding to family albums, or sharing as a gift with extended family and friends – especially those living interstate or abroad.

With Freed, there’s no more figuring out how to turn the photos on your phone into quality prints. School photographs are the easiest way to get prints and photographic gift items. Many parents still value having the images printed, and we help make that process easy and delivered directly to you.

Professional Photos They’ll Cherish

High-quality school photos aren’t just for parents. They’re an amazing memento that your child will look back on and be glad to have access to. They might not see the value at the moment, but as years pass and they grow and change, they’ll appreciate having professional in-the-moment snapshots of their unique school story to pore over – and remember all of those one-of-a-kind childhood memories.

Investing in a picture day photo series over the years is one of the best ways to capture your child’s growth over the years and gives them a series of professional photos to complement your own family photos. Plus, they’ll be able to enjoy those photos with their friends, loved ones, and even their own children in the years to come. It’s a gift they’ll appreciate more and more as years pass.

We All Deserve Professional-Quality Photos

We all deserve to see ourselves in our best light – especially when we look back and reflect on who we were and who we’ve become. When taken with care and an eye for bringing out your child’s true self, professional school photos give children an opportunity to shine. In contrast to those awkward family snaps or staged group school shoots, Freed’s personalized approach to school photos delivers a mini photoshoot that allows your child to become a “star” – with results that beg to be framed.

For more information about Freed’s unique approach to professional school picture day photography or to arrange a shoot, get in touch!

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