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An “After Picture Day” Guide for Parents

After Picture Day

So you did it — you successfully prepared for picture day, got your child dressed and groomed appropriately, and the session went off without a hitch. And now, you’re probably not-so-patiently waiting for the pictures to be ready.

But fear not! You will receive an email as soon as the photos are available. You’ll be able to view them in an online gallery at your leisure.

When you’ve decided which shot(s) you’d like to purchase, and you can choose from a variety of packages, prints, and accessories like magnets, ornaments, and more.

But how do you decide which options are best for you?

For Yourself 

First, consider what you’ll want for yourself. Are you planning to display the printed pictures somewhere in your home? If so, you might want to opt for a large print such as an 8×10. Larger prints look great framed and can readily be displayed to add some decor to your home. Or, if you’re more likely to load the photos into a digital picture frame and save them on your computer, purchasing the digital copies would make the most sense. And of course, you can do a combination of both.

Consider Others

Then, think about friends and family members who might want a copy of the pictures. Will they want the traditional wallet size, a larger print, or something fun like a keychain? The answer will likely be different depending on the person. You can also consider if you’ll be giving them as a gift, in which case, you could get more creative with something like a mug or ornament.

As the holiday season approaches, now is a great time to start ordering gifts for the holidays. Using a school portrait is a meaningful gift that is easy to order for your loved ones. Also, be on the lookout for different promotions throughout the season, which can help you even more with ordering gifts. Now that’s holiday shopping done right.

If you need a little inspiration as you consider your options, check out our list of 8 creative ways to display photos.