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What Makes a Good School Photo?

Good Photo

Good school photos can seem hard to come by. We all have those memories of those so-so school photos that ended up shoved in a drawer or simply forgotten about. Those photos usually have a few things in common: they were taken quickly, without care or precision, and in an unnatural environment by a photographer who was simply trying to get the shoot over and done with. So, we know what makes a lousy school photo. But what about a good school photo? Well, at Freed, that’s easy. Here’s what to look out for.

1) The Right Setting and Environment

Location doesn’t just matter in real estate – it’s also critical in photography. The right setting helps capture both the context of the photo as well as the moment in time. While some school photographers use unappealing backdrops, the team at Freed prefers to use settings that let us create a more visually interesting result. Outdoor environments feel natural and inviting and allow us to leverage natural light to create authentic shots. They also provide a flexible setting for students to engage with, providing multiple options for posing, sitting, and interacting with the environment. Schools can help with this by giving the photography team an opportunity to walk the grounds and choose meaningful and aesthetically pleasing settings – and book the session for a time when natural light is at its most flattering.

2) An Authentic, Personal Approach

The traditional “point, click, next” school of photography results in photos that all look pretty much the same. In contrast, quality photography creates a unique product each and every time. These photos feel real and natural and capture your child’s personality and style. At Freed, we spend the time to ensure your child is comfortable in front of the camera and with the photography team and help tease out natural-looking poses and smiles that feel honest and genuine – rather than forced. As a parent or teacher, you can help by allowing students to choose outfits and hairstyles they’re comfortable with and giving your professional school photography team creative control over the photography session.

3) A Professional Photography Team

An experienced, professional photography team can dramatically elevate your school photography experience. Expert school photographers understand how to work with students of all ages to capture natural, authentic expressions and poses. They also have a deep knowledge of technical elements such as composition, light, and exposure, together with how to maximize these in a highly specific environment and timeframe. At Freed, our photographers have years of experience capturing high-quality school photos that parents and students alike will cherish. We take the time to learn about your school, find the ideal time and location for shooting, and allow for enough time to conduct a mini photoshoot of each student – ensuring they receive an end result they love. Schools can ensure they’ve chosen the right photography team by reviewing each company’s portfolio and asking about their experience and overall approach.

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If your idea of a good school photo is an authentic, one-of-a-kind shot that’s good enough to display, talk to the team at Freed today. Our professional, experienced photographers go above and beyond to transform every photo into a keepsake that captures the essence and personality of each child – painting both students and schools in the best possible light.


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