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Ways to Use Your Digital School Picture


When we think about school pictures, printed, framed photographs typically come to mind. But in recent years, digital school pictures have become increasingly popular. They’re high-quality, shareable, and versatile – and are a must-have for anyone ordering copies of their school photos. Here’s why.

The Benefits of Ordering a Digital School Photo

Ordering a digital photo delivers flexibility, security, and longevity. While print originals can fade, get lost, or damaged, digital images always remain in perfect condition. They can be accessed anywhere, anytime – and can be instantly shared with family and loved ones all around the world who can simply use the digital file as-is or print a physical copy. Digital photos can also be resized, manipulated, and adjusted for use across a variety of applications, from social media profile pictures to resumes.

Ways You Can Use Your Digital School Photo 

Having a digital school photo file means you have ready access to a professional quality photo whenever you need it. Here are just some of the ways those digital files can come in handy:

  • Social media. Whether it’s a headshot for LinkedIn to use when applying for internships or a professional photo to be shared on school, family, or local organizations’ social media accounts, having a great quality photo lets you control your image online.
  • Media kits and PR. If your academics, hobbies, or athletics put you in the public eye, having a professional headshot is a great asset when talking to journalists, reporters, or media organizations who want to feature you and your work.
  • Sharing with family. Printing and sending photos can be time-consuming and expensive in this distributed, socially distanced age. In contrast, sending a digital photo is as easy as sharing the link for your photo with family and friends, giving them immediate access – wherever they are.
  • ID. A digital school photo file can come in handy when providing photo documentation for identification purposes. While some institutions will take a snapshot of their own, providing your own headshots can speed up an application and ensure you have a photo that you like.
  • Personalizing applications. If you’re applying to jobs, internships, or colleges, a great quality headshot can help take you over the line by personalizing your application and giving interviewers a sense of who you are. Digital files can be easily dragged and dropped into an application or uploaded to a site.
  • Digital frames and backgrounds. A digital file is ideal for sharing to a smartphone, computer background, or a digital photo frame – and doesn’t come with a loss of quality or awkward cropping. A digital file is a great solution if you want an easy way for your family and loved ones to keep your school photo close by.
  • Celebrations and collages. Digital photos are ideal for adding to slideshows, collages, and other digital displays during birthday parties, family reunions, and other milestone get-togethers. They make the collages process simple and seamless – and the end result will always look great.

Order Your Digital File from Freed Today!

If you’re having professional school photos taken, don’t discount the value of a digital file. High quality, always accessible, and endlessly adaptable, they have plenty of use cases. Make sure your package includes a digital file – and ensure you always have a professional quality headshot at hand.