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Oh, What a Year: 8 Reasons to Buy a Yearbook


Just like a family photo album, yearbooks are a precious keepsake. Purchasing a yearbook as your child progresses through school is a vital way to capture the memories, moments, and communities that make their school experience so unique. Here’s why a school yearbook should be on your “school essentials” list.

A Means to Relive Memories

There’s nothing like flipping through a yearbook to see how people have changed (or haven’t). Yearbooks are a celebration of a moment in time and are perfect for reflecting on and celebrating what came before or what’s come since.

A Student-Crafted Keepsake

Yearbooks have a tremendous amount of student input, making them a memorable keepsake for students. They’re rich with the culture, history, and values of a school and its student body, and they have a personal stamp that’s hard to beat.

Ideal for Signing Day

Yearbook Signing Day is a decades-old tradition. Students with their own yearbooks can participate fully by signing, annotating, and writing down contact details in theirs and others’ yearbooks. This adds to the memory-making appeal of yearbooks while also helping build community.

Made for Bonding

Yearbooks are for students first and foremost, but they represent an opportunity for parents and family members to connect with a child and learn more about their passions, friends, and the wider school community.

Something to Hand Down

Parents love to pore over school yearbooks, but so too do younger generations. Children and grandchildren in years to come will thoroughly enjoy seeing older family members in their youth and how things have changed.

A Chance to be Famous

We all dream of having our name up in lights. For most people, the school yearbook is the only place they’ll get to see themselves and their image in print. A yearbook is also a fun keepsake if someone in a cohort actually does become famous!

A Contribution to Local History

Yearbooks can be a valuable resource for writers, journalists, researchers, and genealogists who want to learn more about a community, region, or particular individual. Yearbooks can offer a great snapshot of a time and place and always come in handy as research material.

Something That Grows in Value

Even if your child doesn’t see the value in a yearbook today, they’ll grow to appreciate it over time. As they grow older and life brings changes and milestones, a yearbook becomes a wonderful anchor to the past, as well as a means to reconnect with former friends and teachers.

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