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4 Great Benefits of Class Pictures

Class Photos

When we think about school picture day, we often think about the individual and not the group. But high-quality class pictures are just as valuable as those of individual students. At Freed, we always recommend considering including class photos as part of your school picture day experience. Here’s why.

A Class is a Community

Classes are places where friendships bloom and kids learn to find themselves. Especially in the earlier years of school, classes are small learning communities that represent invaluable milestones in life and learning. A class photo is a great way to celebrate that community and camaraderie. Professional class photos bring students – and their teachers – together in a meaningful grouping and can be displayed at home or in the classroom as a reminder of the value of a close-knit class.

Look Back on Friendships

Individual portraits are great for capturing the unique personality of a single student. On the other hand, class photos are an opportunity to see students in context. They showcase friendship groups, fashions and styles, interests and personalities, and favorite teachers as well – and, of course, how everyone has changed from year to year. Not only are class photos a great keepsake for parents and students, but teachers and schools can treasure them for years to come.

Get Creative

A class photo is an opportunity for a class to come together to showcase a shared experience. Consider the different qualities, projects, or class passions you can highlight. Perhaps everyone can include a certain meaningful color in their outfit, or the picture can be taken against a backdrop of student art or science projects. Some classes might even embrace a theme or story, depending on the group. Class photos are an opportunity to come together in fun and friendship – so get creative!

Style Them Your Way

Freed offers a variety of ways to display your class photos. Have them traditionally printed, style them in light boxes, share them digitally, or try printing them in less traditional formats such as bookmarks, stickers, or magnets. Every display method opens up a world of opportunities in terms of displaying, sharing, or gifting your special class photo.

Make Class Photos Special with Freed

Every classroom has its unique personality. At Freed, we take special care to identify the spirit of each group of students so that we can capture every class authentically. We’re experienced working with groups of students of all ages and will work with you to create a result that looks great while celebrating what’s most important to your class – so that students, parents, and teachers alike all get to enjoy a keepsake to display and treasure.

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