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School Event? Choose a School Photographer

School Events

The school year is full of milestones worthy of capturing on camera. Major sports events, plays and theater, orchestral performances, graduations, and dances are invaluable moments in your students’ lives and a key branding opportunity for your school as well.

If you’ve been relying on teachers, staff, and students to document these events, now’s the time to consider switching to professional photography instead.

Think Beyond School Picture Day 

School picture day is an important day, but it’s just one day in the busy school year. Investing in professional photography for significant events, activities, competitions, and media opportunities is a great way to celebrate and elevate your school community during these important moments. When you choose a professional event photography agency like Freed, you’ll gain access to high-quality photos you can share in your hallways, across social media, on your website, and even in local publications. What better way to build community and show your students that their efforts are valued?

Give Parents the Chance to Step Aside

Great photography requires your full attention for an extended period of time. Parents, teachers, and staff are constantly multi-tasking, and adding photography to their responsibilities takes them out of the moments they should be enjoying. Choosing an experienced school event photography service such as Freed to photograph your event means that staff and parents are freed up to participate – or even just remain in the moment. Additionally, with us, you’ll know that you’re getting professional quality photos of every student within the contexts and groupings you need. You won’t have to rely on selfies or student/parent photos!

Every Event – Covered

Each school event has its own unique flow and focus. Shooting graduations is vastly different from capturing prom or a football game and requires different personnel and equipment. With Freed, you’ll have access to expert photographers with experience photographing a variety of events and settings – including night-time photography, action photography, and group and solo shots. Our studio has its roots in event photography, and there’s a reason we’re the go-to choice for shooting graduations, dances, school productions, sporting events, and more.

Get the Complete Package with Freed

If you have an upcoming school event, don’t rely on your cameraphone to do the job. Freed’s team of expert photographers will not only capture the people and moments that matter, but we’ll also provide beautifully edited digital galleries for your school to browse and shop. Our seamless end-to-end photography service makes your school event photography simple – and ensures results that will have you all smiles. Contact us today!