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Why Choose a Local School Photographer?

Local Photographer

We all know the benefits of shopping local. Your money goes back into the community, Main Street gets the support it needs, and you get that personalized touch that just gets what you’re all about. All of those same things apply when you choose a local school photographer. Here’s why keeping your school photographer local is the right choice.

You’re Supporting Your Community

We understand the draw of huge organizations – there’s that brand name recognition and that sheer ubiquity. But when you choose that national company, your dollars are leaving your community. In contrast, when you make a local choice like Freed, $68 of every $100 remains in your community. Not only do you get to support a local business directly, but you’ll get to support dozens of other businesses in your community indirectly – from printers to accountants to local service providers. Basically, a vote for Freed is a vote for Bethesda!

We Know How You Roll

Being part of the local community means that we know what you stand for and how you work. We have personal connections with your school, a strong knowledge of your neighborhood, and our finger on the pulse of how you do things. We know the best places to shoot, how you want to showcase your student body and sports teams, and what kind of vibe you want to convey. We live here, so we’ve built those connections and have those vital conversations every day. Your community is our community!

You Get a Personalized Experience

Being local means that we have skin in the game. At Freed, we’re here to capture and elevate the community that we’re a part of. And we do. Living here – and being small and owner-operated – means that it’s easy for us to stay in touch and keep those lines of communication open. We can easily help out with any questions or requests and help make suggestions that will take your school picture session to the next level. Choosing a local company like Freed reduces any potential friction or red tape – and makes sure that your school photo day runs smoothly and professionally.

Choose Freed for Your School Pictures

For great quality, personalized school pictures that reflect what you’re all about, choose Freed. We have the benefits of being both small and local, meaning that you get a responsive team who knows exactly how to make your community shine – plus, your dollars go back into the community whose future you’re working to build every single day. If you’re ready to extend that “shop local” ethos to your school picture day, call Freed today!