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Why Professional Corporate Headshots Are Essential for Business Growth

Corporate Headshots

In a world where consumers value transparency and humanity in business, corporate headshots are a great way to provide insight into the people driving your organization forward. High-quality corporate headshots convey professionalism and personality – ideally embody your brand’s values and attributes. Here’s what to consider when investing in corporate headshots.

Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity is a critical component of your brand experience. It encompasses everything that your brand stands for and strives to deliver. Perhaps you’re a quirky, innovative start-up. Maybe you’re an established commercial law firm or on the board of a fashion brand. Whoever you are, you want your corporate headshots to align with your brand identity while also showcasing the personalities of your team.

Ways to communicate your brand identity through corporate headshots include:

  • Setting and backdrops. An outdoorsy setting communicates something very different from a brick warehouse backdrop or an academic library background.
  • Outfits and styling. Formal business attire conveys professionalism and expertise, whereas bright, whimsical outfits with props such as sunglasses or hats offer something else entirely. One thing to consider is whether you want your team dressed in similar colors or attire or want everyone to do their own thing.
  • Props. You can communicate additional brand information through props ranging from the serious – such as books or pens – to the whimsical – for example, umbrellas or baseball bats. If you’re using props, consider how they relate to what you do as a company and what you’re trying to say about your brand.

Before embarking upon a corporate headshot session, talk to your marketing and communications team (and your photographer!) to ensure that you’re creating an experience that’s on brand and aligned with your communications strategy.

The Who and Why

Like with anything in business, the why of corporate headshots matters. Consider the purpose of your headshots and where they’ll be shared. Are you looking to create a series of headshots that will be shared internally to help remote workers put faces to their names? Will the photos be going on your website and on corporate communications? Are they part of a pitch deck you’ll be using to gain new clients or sell a product? Do you want group shots as well as individuals?

Additionally, think about who you’ll be photographing. Will your photoshoot be limited to your C-suite or high-level decision-makers? Your entire organization? Customer-facing individuals? Do you want to highlight non-traditional team members such as pets (an approach that can be a great branding moment for unconventional brands!)

Knowing who you’ll be involved in your photoshoot and where those photos will be used will help you define the style of your shoot and what kinds of images your photographer will capture. Always discuss your goals with your photographer so that you can achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

Get Professional Corporate Headshots with Freed

You’ve spent years developing and cementing your brand identity. Choosing a high-quality corporate photographer will help ensure that you continue to elevate that brand identity – and that you’re communicating your brand and its people in the way you intend. At Freed, we’re pros at capturing every individual’s unique identity and personality, and we know how to use props, setting, and lighting to paint your brand in serious style. To arrange your corporate headshots, talk to our team today!