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Capture the Moment with Bar and Bat Mitzvah Photography

Bat Mitzvah Images

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a milestone moment. We know that this important rite of passage involves an enormous amount of planning – and that the last thing you want to be focused on is photography. Choosing a professional, experienced Bar or Bat Mitzvah photographer will allow you to focus on being in the moment rather than worrying about capturing it on film. Here’s what to consider.

Tips for Choosing Your Photographer

When choosing a Bar or Bat Mitzvah photographer, browse photographer portfolios to ensure that the company has experience with general event photography as well as Bar or Bat Mitzvah photography. Do their photos capture the feeling you want to convey? Do they tell a story and celebrate those important moments, from the blessing of the Challah and wine through to dancing the Hora? Do they take advantage of both indoor and outdoor settings? At Freed, we’re experienced celebrations photographers. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every key moment, grouping, and setting is caught on camera – especially those meaningful behind-the-scenes ones.

When booking your photographer, do so well in advance so that you’re not in the position of having to go with your second or third choice. When you do, carefully review your contract so that you know exactly what you’re getting – for example, how long the photographer will be at the event and what types of shots are included. Typically, for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you’ll want to book for two days: one for the rehearsal and one for the actual ceremony.

Additionally, consider whether you want additional professional photos of your child to display at their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. If so, you might want to arrange a separate shoot with your photographer. Finally, confirm the ordering process and what’s involved in ordering, printing, or sharing photos. For example, Freed has invested in a digital platform that makes it easy for your loved ones to order prints if they wish. We make it easy to keep the memories coming!

How to Prepare Your Photographer

Preparation and communication are key to a great outcome. An experienced Bar or Bat Mitzvah photographer will have an understanding of the flow of the event. However, it’s always invaluable to your photographer if you can outline in writing the event schedule, specific family groupings to capture, key details or decor you want to highlight – for example, the yad and tallit – or anything with particular meaning that should be captured on film, such as family heirlooms. This will help them manage their time while also freeing you up to enjoy your child’s special event. In the case of group photos, consider when and how you want these to be taken, being mindful of time constraints and the size of your event or space.

Also, put your photographer in touch with your Temple so that any restrictions relating to photography can be discussed. Many Temples will only allow photography during a Bar or Bat Mitzvah rehearsal but not the ceremony itself, for example. Your photographer will develop a plan for ensuring that all of those key shots are covered while being respectful of the Temple’s preferences.

Finally, ask your photographer about prints and file sharing and what kind of print items are available. At Freed, we can put together keepsake photo albums, slide shows, light boxes, and more that you can display during your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah or after the event.

Book Freed as Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah Photographer

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a landmark moment in your child’s life and in yours as a parent. Capture this important occasion the way it deserves. At Freed, we’re experienced celebrations photographers known for delivering photos that truly capture the moment – so that you can cherish this special occasion for years to come. To book us as your Bar or Bat Mitzvah photographer, just get in touch!


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