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Are You Settling With Your School Photography Company?

Are you settling with your school photography company?

Your school deserves the best when it comes to school photography day. A quality school photography company can elevate your photos from point-and-click snapshots to mini photoshoots that capture the essence of your school and your students. But it’s all too easy to go with the “brand” name or to avoid change out of fear of the unknown.

Here are the signs you might be “settling” when it comes to your school photography company – and why switching up providers might be the right option.

Signs You Might Be Settling

When we “settle” in life, it’s either because we don’t know better, we don’t think we deserve better, or sticking with the tried and true is easier. You might be settling with your school photographer if:

  • You use a certain photographer just because that’s how it’s always been done
  • You went with the first option or the company with name recognition
  • Your staff and students aren’t excited about picture day
  • Picture day is stressful or disorganized
  • Students only get one photo – and it’s a basic passport-style one
  • The photos don’t reflect your school’s brand or culture
  • Ordering photos is difficult, and you don’t know what you’re getting

What to Look for in Your School Photographer

If any – or all – of the above sounds familiar to you, it might be time to look for a new school photographer. Here’s what to think about when making the switch:

  • What kind of photography style do they offer? Are you looking for a traditional “next!” photographer or a more modern one offering quality lighting, naturalistic settings, and dynamic posing? At Freed, we’ve built a reputation for contemporary, freeform mini photoshoots that celebrate students across all age groups.
  • What does their customer service look like? Who will you be talking to, and how will the booking and ordering side of things be handled? Will there be help on the day? At Freed, we pride ourselves on being local and on our personalized approach to customer service. Our goal is to make picture day easy, including the admin side of things.
  • Is the ordering process easy? With some school photographers, parents and students get no choice over the photos that they’re paying for – and what those photos look like. At Freed, we’ve created an easy-to-use password-protected ordering system that allows you to review, choose, order, and share photos at the tap of a button. And since it’s digital, the whole process is much faster than with paper-based order forms.

When making your decision, browse photographer portfolios to get a sense of each studio’s work and do some research into what kind of product they deliver – and how. Being informed about what’s out there will help you choose the right school photographer for your needs.

Let Freed Make Your Next Picture Day a Great One

Ready to shine this picture day? Make the switch to Freed. Our experienced photographers, top-notch customer service, easy online ordering, and commitment to unique, personalized photos represent the opposite of settling. We’ll work with you –and your students–to ensure that your next picture day delivers results worth framing.