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Take your Gift-Giving Over the Line with an Athlete Portrait

Sports Photography

Those classic moments on the field, that race against the clock on the court, or a runner giving it their all on the track – we’ve all been inspired by the athletes in our lives. This season, pay it forward with a professional athlete portrait session from Freed and have your athlete feeling on top of the world. Here’s why an athlete portrait makes a great gift.

Capture Those Iconic Moments

Whether your athlete is in Little League or being scouted for college sports, those moments where they’re participating in the sport, they love are some of the best memories they’ll take with them into the future. With a sports portrait session, you can capture the anticipation of waiting to step up to the plate, those incredible feats of athleticism, or a post-game celebration with their team or coach – and all with professional quality photos that paint your athlete as the budding star they are.

Celebrate their Efforts

We all want to feel seen and recognized. An athlete portrait session is a great way to show your athlete that you value their hard work and believe in their dream. Maybe you’re marking a milestone like making the team or winning the season, or you simply want to document their hard work. Either way, a professional athlete photoshoot shows that you’re watching – and that you care.

Share their Wins

With Freed’s intuitive ordering functionality, you can share your athlete’s photos with the people who matter – and in the format of your choosing. Send quality photos to a prospective coach or newspaper, share those digital stills with family and friends, or print your favorite images to give as a gift. Thanks to our online database, you’ll always have access to your photos – and your athlete’s winning moments.

Ready to Book Your Athlete Portrait Session?

Give the gift of an athlete portrait session this season. Freed’s expert photographers can work with a setting of your choice – and take the photos that will celebrate and showcase your athlete’s skills, achievements, and growth. To book your session, call our team today!