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5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Out on Sports Portraits

Sports Portraits

The late-night practices, weekend events, Friday night games – the school sports seasons seem like a never-ending season of “go, go, go.” Still, there’s something satisfying about the sports portraits they send home towards the end. Maybe it’s the proof of our kid’s hard work, perhaps it’s the satisfaction of having a frame-worthy photo to show off to family and friends, or maybe it’s just a reminder of a memory to give to your kids later – either way, you don’t want to miss out on sports portraits.

Before we dive into WHY you want to preserve those sports portraits, let’s talk about WHAT a sports portrait is… we’ll give you a hint; it’s not just a pose and smile at the camera. Okay, it is a little – but sports portraits come in two options: Individuals and team. Team portraits are photographs of the entire team, typically in uniform, while individual portraits go beyond just snapping a photo. Individual portraits involve multiple shots in different poses that showcase your kid’s personality rather than another “smile and shoot.”

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here’s the why behind saving school sports portraits:

#1. They’re Fridge-Worthy Masterpieces

Hear us out – super cool sports portrait hanging on your fridge. We’re big supporters of showing off your kid’s accomplishments around here, and where better to show off their hard work than hanging on the fridge, a common location bound to be seen by every household member.

#2. It’s About Preserving Memories

Both individual and team sports portraits are there to help preserve memories, now and in the future. It’s a reminder of the games you watched, the afternoons of driving to practice, weekend tournaments – not only for you but your kids too. They’ll be able to look back on their portraits and remember all the fun, friends, and adventures they had participating.

#3. You’re Marking Milestones

Whether your kid is in their 6th soccer season or 1st softball season, these are milestones to make a note of. Having the confidence to join a team, the dedication to work hard, and the need to stick with and start an activity are commendable traits to notice as your kids develop. School sports portraits are great ways to mark these milestones – and you’ll see their growth between now and the next season!

#4. It’s an Easy Way to Bring Up Your Kid in Conversation

Let’s jump back to #1, shall we? Particularly that moment when we said, “we’re big supporters of showing off your kid’s accomplishments?” Well, here’s another opportunity – wallet-sized sports portraits. Carry them in your purse, wallet, or even your car for easy retrieval when talking to coworkers, family members, or even the waiter/waitress at the post-game dinner.

#5. Good Sports Portraits are More Than Just Photos

A good sports portrait is more than a school picture with a baseball bat; good sports portraits are taken by photographers that take the extra time to make sure their personality shines through. When a photographer really works with students, you’ll see a huge improvement in their pictures. They’re more relaxed, smiles are genuine, and THEY take pride in their photos – not just you.

Freed Photography emphasizes the need to take quality photos with more than a forced smile; we’re dedicated to embracing an athlete’s personality to achieve pictures in which both parents and kids take pride. Schedule yours today.