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The Digital Difference: All About Digital Photos

Digital Photos

Gone are the days of film reels and dark rooms. Today most professional shoots involve digital photography, which allows for easy sharing, resizing, and touch-ups. Here’s what to know about the Freed approach to digital photography.

It’s About the Photographer, Not the Camera.

Digital cameras have evolved significantly since they first came on the market. Today’s digital SLR cameras easily replicate the nuances of analog cameras – and with their interchangeable lenses and sophisticated features, they’re much more powerful than even a top-of-the-line camera phone. Even so, we can confidently say that a great end result is less about the camera and more about the photographer. Shooting a great photo requires a keen eye for lighting and composition, as well as an ability to bring out someone’s personality in a single frame.

At Freed, we use high-quality equipment together with natural light, naturalistic settings, and extensive experience in capturing someone at their best – ensuring that your photos exceed expectations. It requires more than just a high number of megapixels to achieve high-quality photos. We focus on aspects like pixel bit depth, pixel registration, and anti-aliasing filters that have a  more positive impact on photo quality.

No Loss of Quality. 

Music purists talk about the quality of analog recordings when compared to their digital counterparts. But like today’s sound engineers, professional photographers are working with top-of-the-range equipment and software, ensuring an end product that rivals – and is often superior to – analog. At Freed, we shoot using a high-resolution format that creates large files that lend themselves to enhancement and adjustment. This allows us to recreate “true to life” colors, capture details and shadows, and deliver clearer, cleaner pictures for you to print or share. At Freed, when you purchase a digital file, we provide you with the same resolution file that we use to print – so there’s never any loss of quality.

Digitals are the New Negatives.

Sometimes photographers receive questions about the cost of digitals. After all, the cost isn’t much lower than for a printed photo. That’s because today’s digitals are the equivalent of old-fashioned negatives, or what used to be the photographer’s “original” copy that they would keep. When you order a digital, you’re not just paying for the pixels on the screen. You’re paying for the professional photoshoot and the professional editing that created the high-quality, versatile product you’ll have access to indefinitely – and that you can use to print or share your photos in any format you please, as many times as you want. Digitals offer even greater convenience and versatility than analog negatives, and at a competitive price point.

You’re welcome to print with the company of your choice, but if you print through us, we can guarantee your photos will be of exceptional quality – we’re as exacting about print copies as we are our digital ones, and we want to ensure you receive only the best.

Talk to Freed About the Digital Difference.

In the right hands, digital photos easily mirror the quality of analog photography – and come with an added level of convenience and versatility. Plus, at Freed we offer a custom digital platform that makes it easy to view, purchase, share and print your photos. Book a professional school picture or family photoshoot with Freed today and see our digital difference for yourself.