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Be the Change: Try These Random Acts of Kindness

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Kindness makes our world go round. Every small act of generosity or empathy helps make our world a better place – and can inspire others to pay it forward. But you don’t need a ton of time or resources to do your part. This Random Acts of Kindness Week, try out these simple but high-impact ideas that you can implement at your school or in your local community.

Expand Your Circle

Loneliness is on the rise among all age groups. But you can do your part to help. Invite someone to sit with you at lunch, call up a relative you haven’t spoken to in a while, and make the time to have a conversation with someone you don’t usually get to talk to. Ask how they’re doing, find out what’s going on in their lives, and let them know they matter. You might just make someone’s day.

Lend a Helping Hand

Look out for opportunities to help take a load off someone’s shoulders. Maybe it’s stacking chairs, putting away equipment, walking someone’s dog, offering study support, or bringing in an elderly neighbor’s trash cans. Often people are too shy to ask for help even if they really need it. Talk to your teachers, club leaders, coaches, and neighbors about how you can help make life easier for them. For bigger tasks, get a group together and make a day of it!

Show Some Appreciation

Recognition is the spice of life. Validate someone by acknowledging their hard work, talent, passion, or dedication. Go up to them and thank them. Leave a sticky note on their locker. Write a review or letter. Buy them a coffee or a chocolate bar. Or go big and arrange an unofficial awards ceremony where everyone gets to be a winner.

Spread the Cheer

A smile goes a long way. If you’re short on time and resources, gift someone one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal: a big smile. Make it your mission to smile at everyone you pass and to bring an upbeat, positive mood into every class or room. Positivity is contagious, so see how far you can spread the cheer!

Improve Your Environment

Taking pride in where you live, work, play, and learn is a great thing. Look around and see where you can help out to make your environment one you’re proud to be a part of. Pick up trash, help out with gardening, offer to repaint or move furniture, fundraise for new equipment, or propose creative solutions like murals and decorative bulletin boards. Just be sure to get authorization before you start!

Document those Acts of Kindness with Freed

Doubling down on kindness and wanting to capture every moment on film? Freed is here to document your good deeds. As professionals in school and event photography, we can help you get those key shots of participation, engagement, celebration, and community. Talk to us today about how we can turn your Random Acts of Kindness Week into a keepsake you can cherish forever!