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Share a Smile, and Make Someone’s Day

Share a Smile

When you smile, the whole world smiles with you. It’s more than a song lyric – there’s scientific evidence to back it up! A genuine smile communicates happiness and enjoyment and invites the people around you to share in the moment. Need some more motivation to crack a grin and spread the cheer? Read on!

Smiling is Good for You!

We often think about smiling as something that we do for another person, but in fact, smiles are good news for the person doing the smiling as well! Smiling and laughing reduce stress, boost your mood by releasing endorphins, and can even lower your heart rate. Smiling can even improve your self-esteem! Once you start to think of yourself as a happy-go-lucky person, you’ll become one. 

Smiling also has a social component. A smile shows that you’re open and welcoming and can foster positive interactions that might not otherwise occur! Whether you’re looking to feel good about yourself or get your social fix, it’s hard to go wrong with a smile. 

A Smile Can Turn Someone’s Day Around

There’s nothing like a genuine smile and some kind words to turn a bad day into a good one. Best of all, smiles are free! Whether you’re feeling on top of the world or are having a not-so-great day, challenge yourself to smile at people throughout the day – your bus driver, a librarian, a student you’ve never spoken to, or a neighbor. You’ll help them feel seen and valued, and you might even make a new friend! Set yourself a quota of “smiles,” and write down any memorable interactions that arise as a result. You can even start a “Smiles Per Hour” initiative where the people around you are encouraged to spread cheer and engagement through smiles. The result will be a happier, more engaged environment where people look out for each other – instead of at their phones. 

Capture Those Smiles on Camera!

A smile in the wild is a beautiful thing, but a smile that’s captured on camera lasts forever. Whether you take a smiling selfie and share it with the hashtag #ShareASmile, set up your camera timer for a cheerful group shot, or get your friends or family together for a fun photo session with Freed, you’ll cherish those happy moments for years to come. Capture those smiles, share the results with your loved ones, and know that you’ll be helping spark more smiles in the future!

Want to capture your smile in its best possible light? At Freed, we specialize in genuine photography that celebrates your authentic self. Give us your most winning grin, and we’ll give you a product worth framing!