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Dress for (Portrait) Success: What to Wear for Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits

Senior portrait day is here, and you don’t have a thing to wear! Or so you think. We promise that everything is going to be okay, and that favorite outfit you’ve worn a dozen times before is perfect for the occasion. Here’s what to know about looking your best as a senior on school picture day. 

Choosing an Outfit that Photographs Well

You want an outfit you feel comfortable and “yourself” in – this will show through in the picture. Instead of buying something new, go for something you love and showcases your personality. Style your look from top to bottom, including shoes and any jewelry (or props), so you know you’re not missing anything. Aim for simple and classic, and consider choosing solid colors over patterns or heavily branded clothing. Slogans are fun, but not on picture day! You want to be the star of your picture, not your outfit. 

Once you’ve decided on your outfit, give your whole look a once over. Check that your shoes are polished, your nails and hair are tidy, and your clothes are pressed (avoid wrinkle-prone clothing!) And while it’s fine to try something slightly different with your hair or makeup, avoid any extreme change-ups in the lead-up to the day—simple works best. If you wear glasses, consider taking them off for your photo – sometimes, the lenses can create glare.

How Many Outfit Changes Will You Have?

Some seniors will just have one outfit – too easy! But others will have multiple outfit changes depending on whether they’re on a sports team or if the school offers cap and gown or tux and drape options. If your school provides a cap & gown, as well as a tux and drape, then all seniors will be photographed.

If you’re wearing a tux, Freed provides the shirt, bow tie & jacket in an extensive range of sizes.

If you’re wearing a drape, bring a tube top or a v-neck shirt which can have the straps lowered for the off-the-shoulder drape photo. Make sure any makeup is blended to the neckline, and consider a simple necklace like pearls. We have pearls for anyone who would like the classic photo. 

For the cap & gown photos, gentlemen can either bring their own shirt & tie, or we photograph the senior with the tux shirt and bow tie. The ladies will be photographed in the cap & gown, either wearing the drape or their clothes. 

Talk to your school to see how many pictures you’ll be in, what you need to wear, and when you’ll need to be ready in a new outfit. This will help you plan out your day.

How to Prep for your Senior Pictures

Prepping for senior pictures doesn’t have to be difficult. Get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, avoid sunburn or major makeovers, and bring your best self. Think about what you want to convey in your picture, and style yourself – or choose props – accordingly. Try to be neat and tidy and consider how the weather might affect your look. At Freed, we may shoot outdoors, so bring blotters or powder if you’re worried about oily skin in the heat or some light hair product to handle flyaways. And don’t forget to find out what pictures you’re expected to be in so that you don’t show up in the wrong attire or at the wrong time!  

Freed will Ensure a Smooth Senior Portrait Day

Senior portraits are a major milestone in your life, but picture day doesn’t have to feel like a high-stakes event. We’ll work with seniors and your school to ensure a smooth experience – and incredible pictures you’ll be absolutely delighted by. To see our work in action, visit our senior photo gallery!