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How School Admins Can Take the Stress out of School Picture Day

School Picture Day

School picture day can be a whirlwind. There are a ton of moving parts to keep track of and coordinate, and as a school admin, it can be easy to drop the ball. Here’s how to prepare for a stress-free picture day you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

Prep and Schedule

Don’t leave everything until the last minute. Work with your team to pick a date (and backup date) that works for all, then book your photographer well in advance. Planning ahead will help ensure that your photographer is available on the day(s) you want and will give you time to get your administrative ducks in a row.

Get the 411 on Your Photographer

Once you’ve chosen your photographer, talk to them about their terms and deliverables. How do people order and pay for photos? What fees are involved? What kind of turnaround should you expect, and how will you access or collect the photos? Figuring out how your photographer works will help you know what to expect on the day.

Have Helpers at Hand

Don’t try to do it all yourself. Loop in staff or volunteers to help direct students and gather those needed for group photos and ensure that paperwork is completed. Don’t just spring the extra responsibilities on your helpers on the day – reach out ahead of time to ensure they are available and know what they need to do. Provide checklists to make life easy for them.

Set and Share Expectations

Setting and communicating expectations ensures everyone is on the same page – and working together to do what’s needed. Talk to your photographer about what you need from them, including any special shots or requests, or requirements. Do the same with your helpers, teachers, and students to avoid being swamped with questions or confusion on the day.

Ask those Questions!

It’s okay not to know something! If you have questions about how the day will run, what you can do to help things run smoothly, or even why the photographers are doing things a particular way, just ask. Your photographer doesn’t expect you to be a photography pro and is happy to answer any of your questions. Ask, and you’ll feel more comfortable and confident about the whole experience.

Let the Pros at Freed Handle it All.

As a school admin, school picture day is something you deal with once a year. But at Freed, it’s what we do every day. We’ve seen it all, and we know how to anticipate and work around any possible situation. If you’ve got too much on your plate, trust our team with the administrative side of your day as well as the photos. We’ll ensure a smooth experience – with results everyone will love. Give us a call to book your school picture session!