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Start Your School Picture Collection at Kindergarten

School Photo Collection

Blink, and you’ll miss it. Childhood is such a fleeting time, yet one filled with so many milestones, new experiences, and achievements. It’s easy to look up and realize that your child is ready to head off to college. You can’t slow down time, but you can document its passage so that you have a keepsake that you and your child can reflect on in years to come.

If you have a child entering Kindergarten, here’s why it’s vital to start that school picture collection now rather than later.

A Curated Selection of Memories

While those casual snapshots are great to have, there’s nothing like having a cohesive sequence of professional portraits from throughout your child’s school years to celebrate your child’s growth and progress during K-12. At Freed, we pride ourselves on our authentic, naturalistic photos that showcase your child’s true self – and in meaningful settings, not cookie-cutter. When you start building your Freed school picture collection starting from kindergarten, you’ll end up with a gorgeous series of photos that pair perfectly together and are ideal for framing, gathering into a keepsake album, or for events such as graduations or milestone birthdays. Our simple file-sharing system makes it easy to choose the images you love most and have them printed in a variety of formats.

A Blast from the Past for the Future

While we often think of school pictures as being for parents or family members, your child will also love the opportunity to reflect on their school years through the lens of professional photos – and not those “candid” family ones! They’ll receive pictures that show them in their best, most natural light at every age, something that’s empowering and motivating. Not only that, but they’ll have high-quality photos to use for publications such as yearbooks and school newspapers, as well as for when they begin to step into the adult world and require photos for media or documentation purposes. Finally, they’ll have a fascinating keepsake they can pore over with their future children or even grandchildren! With Freed’s print and digital ordering options, they can decide how they want to collect and display their photos now and in the future, giving them complete control over the image they present to the world.

 Capture their Childhood with Freed

As a professional school photography studio, Freed is here to help you capture your child’s school journey from those first days of kindergarten through to graduation. Whether you work with us through your child’s school or through annual individual photography sessions, our goal is to showcase your child’s true, authentic self – for results you’ll both love. If your child is approaching school age, now is the time to begin gathering those professional portraits. To book your session, contact Freed today, or have your school reach out!