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6 Reasons Your Family Will Love Family Portraits

6 Reasons Your Family Will Love Family Portraits

We all do it: browse through our phones, looking through those old photos of our kids and families. But if iPhone shots of your family are the only ones you have, it’s worth thinking about booking a professional family portrait session. Here are just some of the reasons you’ll love it!

1. Have Fun Together!

A family photoshoot is a great excuse to get everyone in one place. Bring everyone together with a fun or meaningful theme, or by choosing a setting that has meaning to you as a family. Encourage some “action” shots or whimsical poses. Your enthusiasm and joy will shine through in the photos.

2. Document the Years

When you look through family photos over the years, you’re almost guaranteed to marvel at how much everyone has changed. A professional family portrait session is a great way to document those changes from year to year. Height markers, repeat outfits, and the smart use of props can all help walk that line between continuity and change.

3. Get the Whole Family in the Photo

In most families, there’s a designated photographer. But the upshot of that is this particular person is always behind the camera – and never in front of it. When you book a family portrait session with Freed, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that every family member gets to be in every shot. Yes, even that designated photographer (or furry best friend!)

4. Celebrate a Family Reunion

Getting the extended family together is a rare pleasure. But if you have a wedding, reunion, or milestone birthday coming up, chances are the whole fam will travel to make the event. Arrange a family portrait session that includes your extended family – and ensure that everyone goes home with a print!

5. Mark a Milestone 

Something big about to happen in your lives? A family portrait session is a great way to celebrate. Mark those upcoming nuptials, that new baby, that cross-country move, or that dream job or college acceptance with a photoshoot that highlights where you are – and what’s to come.

6. Send a Holiday Keepsake

We all secretly love a cheese family photo holiday greeting card. Don those matching outfits and wrangle those props – then send your best (or silliest) shots out to family and friends over the holidays. Photo holiday cards are a great way to keep your loved ones updated on what you’re up to and how much the kids have grown!

Book Your Family Portrait Session with Freed!

Whether you’re normally the person behind the camera or want to give your volunteer family photographer a respite, book a family portrait session with Freed. We promise a fun, welcoming, and authentic experience that will help you celebrate your family for years to come. Whatever your goals are for your photoshoot, we can help!