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How to Prep Preschoolers for Picture Day

Preschoolers Photos

The preschool years are full of fun and delight. Soon your preschooler will be off to school – and then college! The early years go by quickly, so documenting them with a quality photoshoot is a must. At Freed, we have years of experience photographing young kids for their very first picture day, and we know all the insider tips for making sure everything runs smoothly. Here’s what to know about prepping your preschooler for picture day.

Choose the Right Outfit

Pick an outfit your preschooler will feel comfortable and themselves in. Kids this age like to be involved in decision-making, so either let them help decide on their outfit or take them shopping to pick out the perfect ensemble. For best results, keep the outfit relatively simple and not too fussy, and always have a backup change of clothes available (plus some wipes and extra hair ties or clips), just in case. Spills and puddles do happen! However, do be mindful of sending your child to preschool with snacks that might stain skin or clothing. Skip the berries or anything with red dye.

Explain the Event

Kids can be bundles of nerves when it comes to new experiences. Explain to your preschooler what picture day is and what to expect. Let them know that their schedule for the day might be a bit different but that they’ll get some beautiful photos to share after. While the pros at Freed have plenty of tricks for keeping small children engaged and smiling during a photoshoot, it never hurts to run a “mock” photoshoot and give your child pointers on sitting still and practicing their best grins! You can even share your own childhood pictures to help your child understand why the day is so important to you.

Make it an Exciting Experience

If you’re excited and positive about the day, your child will be, too! Talk up the day and about how excited you were about your own preschool photos, and help your child get into a positive mood about the day. If you still have your own preschool photos, show them to your child so they can get a sense of what the goal of the day is. By priming them to feel excited about their picture day, they’ll show up feeling cheerful and happy – and ready to pose for the camera! Depending on your preschool’s preferences, you may even be able to help volunteer or be in the room during your child’s photoshoot. 

Know that Freed Has it Covered

Our biggest tip for prepping your child for school picture day is to trust in your photographer – and leave the anxieties at home. We know that photographing preschoolers is a unique experience, and we’ve honed our skills over the years to make sure everyone has a great time. 

When you choose Freed as your photographer, you’ll get an expert team knowledgeable about running a streamlined, fuss-free picture day. We’ll select the right time and location to ensure that preschoolers shine on film with minimum distractions – and using our mini photoshoot technique, we’ll deliver great portraits that will be cherished for a lifetime to come. 

To capture those preschool moments in style, talk to Freed today!