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Reasons Why You Need Picture Day Helpers

Parent Volunteers

Who doesn’t love school picture day? Picture day is a great opportunity to capture a special moment in time – and to give everyone their moment to shine in front of the lens. But let’s face it: picture day has a lot of moving parts! Schedules are different, kids need to be directed where to go and when, and those last-minute hair and outfit checks need to be made.

Enter the picture day helpers! Having volunteer helpers available can be a great resource for helping your day run smoothly.

Why Picture Day Helpers Make All the Difference

Picture Day is a massive organizational responsibility. Even with a professional photography company and school staff on hand, there’s a lot of wrangling involved! Volunteer picture day helpers help take the pressure off both school and photographers by helping with:

  • Lines and directions. Volunteers can help get kids from A to B on time and in an orderly fashion. They can also ensure that each student is in the right order, so no confusion arises!
  • Clothing and hair. An extra set of hands is invaluable when it comes to fixing hair, tidying outfits, or even tying shoelaces. Brief volunteers on what to look for, and they’ll have each kid showing up to their shoot photo ready.
  • Entertainment and distractions! Whether it’s keeping groups of kids busy with games and activities or providing some additional comic relief during the photo shoot, volunteers are stars who are keeping kids busy.
  • Smiles and confidence! Often volunteers are family or community members and have deep ties to the school. These familiar faces make kids feel comfortable and confident – and more likely to show up for the camera with a big smile.

Sourcing Picture Day Helpers

Sourcing picture day helpers is as easy as putting out a call in your newsletter or as part of a take-home packet when you notify families about picture day. If you have a school sporting event or festival coming up, you can also use that as a recruiting tool. When sourcing picture day helpers, outline what’s expected of volunteers, let them know when and where they need to show up, and highlight the value of their participation. Many parents, grandparents, carers, and community members will be happy to do their part to make the day a success – and help a family member shine on camera!

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