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Yearbooks: The Memories That Matter

Yearbooks: The Memories That Matter, All in One Place

May 24, 2022

These past few years have seen a fascinating shift away from digital-only and back towards analog keepsakes. High-quality bound books are making a comeback against ebook editions. Fancy stationery is replacing online note-taking. And yearbooks are soaring in popularity. Here’s why students, parents, and administrators can’t get enough of school yearbooks.

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Oh, What a Year: 8 Reasons to Buy a Yearbook

December 8, 2021

Just like a family photo album, yearbooks are a precious keepsake. Purchasing a yearbook as your child progresses through school is a vital way to capture the memories, moments, and communities that make their school experience so unique. Here’s why a school yearbook should be on your “school essentials” list.

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Why School Yearbooks Will Always Be Important

October 4, 2021

“You’re a swell gal.” “Have a great summer!” “C-ya next year!” Yearbook messages certainly have changed throughout the years, but one thing hasn’t: How priceless it is to own a yearbook. In honor of National Yearbook Week 2021, let’s explore a little history of school yearbooks and why they’re still important—even in the digital age.

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Yearbook Program

One for the Books: Tips for Developing a School Yearbook Program

March 23, 2021

We all remember the excitement at the end of the school year: class parties, no more tests, and receiving your yearbook. It was exciting to comb through each page to check out the club pictures, candid photos, and everyone’s portrait. And, of course, it was always a mad dash to pass around your yearbook to make […]

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