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The Freed Lens

Digital Photos

The Digital Difference: All About Digital Photos

Gone are the days of film reels and dark rooms. Today most professional shoots involve digital photography, which allows for easy sharing, resizing, and touch-ups. Here’s what to know about the Freed approach to digital photography. It’s About the Photographer, Not the Camera. Digital cameras have evolved significantly since they first came on the market. Today’s […]

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Freed Photography

Behind the Lens: An Interview with Freed’s Founders

Freed Photography has blazed a trail in the school photography niche, lending a boutique look and feel to something that has traditionally been given the mass production treatment. Behind that success is a lifetime of hard work, a focus on craft, a commitment to building long-term relationships in the community – and some key moments of […]

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School Photography Industry

School Administrators: It’s All About the Changes Occurring in the School Photography Industry

This past year has been one of immense change for schools and school photography companies. Industry consolidations mean less emphasis on the photography itself, the final products and services available, which is bad news for schools, students, and parents.

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Modern School Photography: AKA School Photography 2.0

Flip through some yearbooks, and you’ll see that school photography hasn’t changed in 50 years. The old smile, click, next approach still reigns supreme. It’s not about how good the image can be, but how fast it can be shot: smile, click, next! Fortunately, change is on the horizon in the form of what we’re […]

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Friendly School Photography

COVID-Friendly School Photography

During these COVID-19 times, being outdoors, wearing a mask, and practicing social distancing is the safe approach to take. The good news is, here at Freed, we’ve been COVID compliant for more than 12 years! We photograph outdoor and use long lenses that focus from a distance, so most of these practices are naturally built […]

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