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Online Ordering

School Photos Online Ordering Made Easy

Are you still ordering your school photos the old-fashioned way? Take advantage of Freed’s intuitive online ordering system and make life easy for yourself. Here’s why switching to online ordering will bring a camera-worthy smile to your face.

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Corporate Headshots

Why Professional Corporate Headshots Are Essential for Business Growth

In a world where consumers value transparency and humanity in business, corporate headshots are a great way to provide insight into the people driving your organization forward.

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Local Photographer

Why Choose a Local School Photographer?

We all know the benefits of shopping local. Your money goes back into the community, Main Street gets the support it needs, and you get that personalized touch that just gets what you’re all about. All of those same things apply when you choose a local school photographer. Here’s why keeping your school photographer local is the […]

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Why Building a School Picture Day Collection is a Great Idea

Blink, and you’ll miss it. Childhood flies by, with your child becoming almost an entirely different person from year to year. Building a school picture day collection helps you capture each and every milestone – so that you have a record of your child to look back on as they transition from pre-K through to […]

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Natural Smiles

Tips for Natural Smiles in Photos

A smile looks good on everyone. But a natural smile always wins over a forced, cheesy grin. Here are our tips for making sure your smile is one that looks real and authentic – and not fake.

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Parent Volunteers

Reasons Why You Need Picture Day Helpers

Who doesn’t love school picture day? Picture day is a great opportunity to capture a special moment in time – and to give everyone their moment to shine in front of the lens. But let’s face it: picture day has a lot of moving parts! Schedules are different, kids need to be directed where to […]

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Preschoolers Photos

How to Prep Preschoolers for Picture Day

The preschool years are full of fun and delight. Soon your preschooler will be off to school – and then college! The early years go by quickly, so documenting them with a quality photoshoot is a must. At Freed, we have years of experience photographing young kids for their very first picture day, and we […]

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Display Senior Portraits

Our Favorite Ways to Display Senior Pictures

Senior year photos capture a milestone moment in your child’s life. They mark the transition into adulthood, provide a memento of your senior’s friendship groups and clubs, and capture all the hope and possibility of the last year of school. There’s no better talking point for a parent or family member than a senior portrait!

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Share a Smile

Share a Smile, and Make Someone’s Day

When you smile, the whole world smiles with you. It’s more than a song lyric – there’s scientific evidence to back it up! A genuine smile communicates happiness and enjoyment and invites the people around you to share in the moment. Need some more motivation to crack a grin and spread the cheer? Read on!

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Senior Portraits

Dress for (Portrait) Success: What to Wear for Senior Portraits

Senior portrait day is here, and you don’t have a thing to wear! Or so you think. We promise that everything is going to be okay, and that favorite outfit you’ve worn a dozen times before is perfect for the occasion. Here’s what to know about looking your best as a senior on school picture […]

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